SIMI Swiss is Zug, Switzerland's first accredited private higher education institution.


All our full-time programs in Switzerland are fully accredited and globally recognized.


Explore detailed information about daily life in Switzerland and on our campus.

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Switzerland boasts one of the highest quality education systems in the world.

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Dual Degree with SIMS

All programs offered by SIMI Swiss in Switzerland are conducted through our sister institution within our group, The Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences (SIMS). Students have the opportunity to earn dual degrees from SIMI Swiss and SIMS.

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Our programs are globally accredited and recognized.

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Among the world's top-tier education systems.

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Student services, multiple pathways, and excellent support.

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Switzerland is top ranked &

Zug is number 1 of Switzerland

Zug is ranked number one in Switzerland for many factors, including wealth, safety, and as a workplace for students and expats.

The Richest in Switzerland
Safest and most stable in Switzerland
Best place to live in Switzerland
Highest quality of life

People from 142 different nations live in the Zug Canton (Europe 88%, Asia 5%, America 4%, Africa 2%, Australia 1%). Source: Fachstelle Statistik Kanton Zug, 2018.

Zug has the best place for business in Switzerland with the stabilization, tax supporting & best infrastructure. Almost the giant companies have HQ in here.

Zug has the most diversity, quality education environment with world-renowned research & knowledge location. SIMI is proud as the first higher education provider in Zug.

Zug has a Central location within Switzerland and Europe. Zug has full transportation infrastructure to move anywhere in Switzerland and also the EU.

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