Agenda 2020-2030

Agenda for Sustainable Development

At the core of the 2020-2030 decade for SIMI SWISS is the need to tackle growing poverty, empower women and girls, and address the climate emergency.

17 Goals



For a Better World

SIMI Swiss Actions

SIMI Swiss aims to focus on Quality Education (Goal 4), Affordable and CleanEnergy (Goal 7), and Employment and Decent Work (Goal 8).

Goal No.4

Quality Education

Goal No.7

Affordable and CleanEnergy

Goal No.8

Employment and decent work

Better world with

Swiss Made Education

SIMI Swiss, as Zug, Switzerland's first accredited Higher Education institute, offers genuine Swiss programs both in-person and online through broadcast classes, accessible worldwide.

Excellent Quality
Multiple Recognition

SIMI SWISS believes

Education could change the world

SIMI Swiss trusts that what we do can enlighten minds, enrich perspectives, and empower individuals, thereby fostering progress, innovation, and understanding across global societies.

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Our programs are globally accredited and recognized.

Among the world's top-tier education systems.

Multiple awards, a wide range of pathways, and excellence in services.

Maximizing Support for Students Accessing Quality and Expensive Swiss Education.

Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

Decent work and economic growth Goal 8

Lighting the way with affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy.

Affordable & clean energy Goal 7

Empowering futures through quality education for all.

Quality Education Goal 4
Sustainable Development is a commitment by

SIMI Swiss Schools & Institutes

All members of SIMI Swiss are committed to carrying out sustainable development in practice.

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